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How To Book A Cheap Cruise Planning Guide

1. Gather cruise brochures from a travel agency, or check out cruise offers, ships and deck plans online. These will give you a good idea of destinations, prices, types of accommodations, amenities and recreational options. 

2. Figure out where you would like to go. Talk to an expert travel agent, or simply ask get recommendations from experienced cruise vacationers. (Some popular destinations are the Caribbean, Mexico and Alaska.)

3. Decide how long you want the cruise to be. The most popular cruises last from 3 to 14 days, but lengthier cruises are available. 

3 Day Cruises
5 Day Cruises
7 Day Cruises 
10 Day Cruises
14 Day Cruises 
20 Day Cruises
30 Day Cruises
60 Day Cruises
3 Month Cruises

4. Determine how much you want to spend. Cruises come in the basic categories of budget, moderate, deluxe and ultra-deluxe. It is suggested that you compare these categories to hotels and choose which would make you most comfortable and be within your budget. 

Decide on what you want to do. Cruises provide numerous activities, from art's and crafts courses to wild life tours.
Look over the list to determine activities you would like to enjoy.

Adventure Tours Entertainment Courses
Glacier Tour
Whale Watching
Dolphin Watching Sword Fish Watching
Deep Sea Diving
Exotic Bird Watching
Tour Ancient Ruins
Safari Tours
Tour Exotic Island
Broadway Style Shows
Jazz Concerts
Standup Comedy
Poetry Recital
Dance Groups
Symphony Orchestra
Wine Tasting Cruises
Cooking Course Cruises
Knitting Cruises
Canvas Painting 
Team Building
Digital Technology
Exocit Cuisine 
Dancing Class

5. Book online and compare packages to your budget and the type of cruise you would like to take. Tell the agent the following information:

� Past Passenger of the Cruise Line
If you are a past guest of a particular cruise line, you may qualify for special discounts, coupons or free upgrades that are not available online. If possible, you should have your past passenger number handy when you call. 
� Member of a Frequent Flyer Club
� An AARP Member or Over the Age of 55

Many cruise lines offers discounted rates to passengers that are traveling with at least one passenger who is an AARP Member or 55 years of age and older. The rates aren�t always shown online so you must ask for it on the phone. 
� Traveling with 2 or more cabins
If you have two or more cabins traveling together, you may be able to negotiate a lower multi-cabin rate. By speaking to a live, breathing agent, not only will they work with you to find cabins near one another, but you�ll get to sit together at dinner and possibly get a lower rate.
� Resident Rates
Cruise lines will often give special discounts to residents of certain states. If a cruise line needs help filling a ship with passengers from your area, they may offer you a lower rate. Call to see if your state qualifies.
� Military � Active or Retired
The cruise lines are very appreciative of the commitment made by our armed forces. Some extend a special military discount to members of every branch of service including immediate family members. Your military id is required.
� Other Discounts
If you are an Educator, in Public Service, a member of a Wholesale Shopping Club, an American Express Platinum Card holder, a MasterCard holder or a member of a Credit Union, you may qualify for additional discounts.

6. Choose your point of departure, with the agent's assistance. Many cruises require that you book your own transportation to departure points, so you will need to figure this transportation as an additional cost. 

7. Decide on the number of port calls - stops into port - you would prefer. This information should be available in the brochure or from the travel agent. If you plan to do organized activities at these ports, you may be charged extra. 

8. Select the type of stateroom you want. Like hotel rooms, they vary in size and available services. Check the deck plan and brochure for photos of various staterooms and maps of where the staterooms are situated. 

9. Ask about any cancellation fees or other restrictions. 

Book A Cheap Cruise Now

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